Perpustakaan Universitas Airlangga Surabaya
1FEBBagshawCore Auditing Standards for Practitioners + Website9781118913512, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
2FEBGrahamInternal Control Audit and Compliance: Documentation and Testing Under the New COSO Framework9781119029540, Economics, Finance & Accounting2015
3FEBPreberFinancial Expert Witness Communication + Website: A Practical Guide to Reporting and Testimony9781118911778, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
4FEBPadgettProfiling the Fraudster: Removing the Mask to Prevent and Detect Fraud9781118929773, Economics, Finance & Accounting2015
5FISIPNolanA Handbook of Practicing Anthropology9781118486597 & Behavioral Sciences2014
6F.PSILekaContemporary Occupational Health Psychology - Global Perspectives on Research and Practice, V 39781118713860
7FPIKWoottonReproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes9781118891360, Aquaculture & Food Science2014
8FEBCookeProtean Supply Chains: Ten Dynamics of Supply and Demand Alignment9781118759721, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
9FEBStantonManaging Risk and Performance: A Guide for Government Decision Makers9781118704233, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
10FEBMachadoTransfer and Management of Knowledge9781119005117, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
11FEBNivenBalanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy Execution9781118915011, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
12FEBNourReturn on Impact: Leadership Strategies for the Age of Connected Relationships9781118891261, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
13FEBMillotRisk Management in Life Critical Systems9781118639351, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
14FEBZaratéTools for Collaborative Decision-Making9781118574690, Economics, Finance & Accounting2013
15FKWaksmanAntiplatelet Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease9781118493984
16FKJohnsonPediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide9781118503379
17FKEllenbogenCardiac Pacing and ICDs9781118459553
18F.PSISturmeyEvidence-Based Practice and Intellectual Disabilities9781118326077
19FISIPSundarThe Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology9781118426456 & Behavioral Sciences2015
20FISIPHartleyDigital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies9781118106723 & Behavioral Sciences2012
21FISIPHoechsmannMedia Literacies - A Critical Introduction9781444344158 & Behavioral Sciences2012
22FKGKapilaCone Beam Computed Tomography in Orthodontics: Indications, Insights, and Innovations9781118674888, Dentistry & Healthcare2014
23FKGHaggertyAtlas of Operative Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery9781118993729, Dentistry & Healthcare2015
24FKGBalaniBiosurfaces: A Materials Science and Engineering Perspective9781118950623, Dentistry & Healthcare2015
25FKGCohencaDisinfection of Root Canal Systems: The Treatmentof Apical Periodontitis9781118914014, Dentistry & Healthcare2014
26FKGMelsenAdult Orthodontics9781118702925, Dentistry & Healthcare2013
27FKGRuiz-MolinaBio- and Bioinspired Nanomaterials9783527675821, Dentistry & Healthcare2014
28FKAvramFat Removal9781118661932
29FKCerroniSkin Lymphoma - The Illustrated Guide 4e9781118492505
30F.PSIOrfanidouResearch Methods in Sign Language Studies: A Practical Guide9781118346013
31FKBetteridgeManaging Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes9781118337967
32FEBAbdul-RahmanThe Art of Islamic Banking and Finance, Second Edition: Tools and Techniques for Community-Based Banking9781118792551, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
33FEBEdwardsRisk Management in Trading: Techniques to Drive Profitability of Hedge Funds and Trading Desks9781118819692, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
34FEBEricksonAsset Rotation: The Demise of Modern Portfolio Theory and the Birth of an Investment Renaissance9781118779217, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
35FEBLamEnterprise Risk Management, Second Edition: From Incentives to Controls9781118836477, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
36FEBLahsansaShariah Non-compliance Risk and Legal Documentations in Islamic Finance9781118809181, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
37FEBRedMoneyThe Islamic Finance Handbook: A Practitioner's Guide to the Global Markets9781118936863, Economics, Finance & Accounting2014
38FKLeeCirrhosis - A practical guide to management9781118412640
39FSTAtanackovicFractional Calculus with Applications in Mechanics: Vibrations and Diffusion Processes9781118577530 & Statistics2014
40FSTDuTheory of Computational Complexity, Second Edition9781118595091 & Statistics2014
41FSTMackeviciusIntegral and Measure9781119037514 & Statistics2014
42FSTPaschosApplications of Combinatorial Optimization, 2nd Edition9781119005384 & Statistics2014
43FSTPaschosConcepts of Combinatorial Optimization, 2nd Edition9781119005216 & Statistics2014
44F.KEPBookerCritical Care Nursing: Monitoring and Treatment for Advanced Nursing Practice9781118992845, Dentistry & Healthcare2015
45F.KEPClarkeOrthopaedic and Trauma Nursing - An Evidence-based Approach to Musculoskeletal Care9781118941263, Dentistry & Healthcare2014
46F.KEPSidaniDesign, Evaluation, and Translation of Nursing Interventions9781118785553, Dentistry & Healthcare2013
47F.KEPMcKayAdvancing Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Practice9781118965221, Dentistry & Healthcare2014
48F.KEPCopleyNeurorehabilitation of the Upper Limb Across the Lifespan - Managing Hypertonicity for Optimal Function9781118874875, Dentistry & Healthcare2014
49FKTewariProstate Cancer - Diagnosis and Clinical Management9781118347379
50FKHGelattEssentials of Veterinary Ophthalmology, Third Edition9781118910337 Medicine2014
51FKHHopperBovine Reproduction9781118833971 Medicine2014
52FKHLinFarm Animal Anesthesia: Cattle, Small Ruminants, Camelids, and Pigs9781118886700 Medicine2014
53FKHEggerPain Management in Veterinary Practice9781118999196 Medicine2014
54FKHFoxBiology and Diseases of the Ferret9781118782699 Medicine2014
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