Celebrating Earth Day 2016

020520016All people in the world celebrated Earth Day on April 22 and many programs, activities create by community, individual, institutions. They have one purpose to save our planet. One year ago, we celebrated Earth Day with Diet Plastic Campaign. We share our bag to all library customers when they visited and said to them “don’t use plactic bag when you are shopping and please use our bag”. On this year, we have a uniquely activities and we have a goal to create the young ecoprenuer. We created competition and called Youth Ecopreneurship Challenge or YEC. This is first project of Troopers (the american corner volunteer). We collaborated with YNOT Community, US ConGen, Event Surabaya and UNAIR Library to promote our event.

One millions rupiahs have prepared to the best team who give action plan with our requirements. YEC held on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April with different programs. On Friday 29 April we invited 3 communities such us Nol Sampah, Bank Sampah Bina Mandiri and Pelangi Nusantara. They shared their activies and after that we have focus group discussion with 6 current issues about environment. Every group made and presented issues with poster. On Saturday 30 April we went to Jambangan for environment workshop. The Jambangan team explained about how to manage, create, use waste to good product and plant with hydroponics system. The participants is very enthusiastic to join handycraft and hydroponics system workshop and they tried it. When they finished their job, they showed to us.

YEC is the competition for the young ecopreneur. They must be 18-25 years old. 27 teams have registered and we decided 13 teams to join our competition. The participants came from Surabaya and out of Surabaya area such us Yogyakarta, Lamongan, Jember, Malang and Pasuruan. Before selecting the team, Troopers who command R Dicky Johar Pribadi, he is YSEALI Alumni selects many teams with the requirements.

This is our selected teams of YEC :

1. Laskar Diaper (Diaper as plant place)2. Gubug Organik (Organic Plant)3. Gendis (Milk cardboard for Batik)4. Basic (shell waste)5. SS (Organic Plant)6. Pesangon (Pemulung Online)7. JYSM (second clothes became a good product)8. Adacis (useful product made by dead fish)9. Zing Creative (Plastic Bottle for plant)10. Malang Youth Greenation (Urban Farming)11. Aqsyar (selling reusable bag)12. Umaga (Plastic Bag and Plant)13. Es Cum-cum (Reusable bag)

After presenting the action plan on the last day, Saturday April 30, we announced the winner of YEC. The judges are Astriani from WWF, Dicky from YSEALI and Mbak Riska from Bank Sampah Bina Mandiri Community decided Gubug Organik who win the competition.  

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