Visited by Suranaree University of Technology

IMG 0961 1Last day, Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 our library had many special guests from Thailand. They are the librarian from the Suranaree University of Technology. As a leader, Dr. Nattaya Puakpong leads her delegate to visit many libraries in Surabaya. Their team visited ITS Library after us and the last day, they will come to Universitas Surabaya. They stayed on Wyndham hotel where has good facilities and located in downtown.

During in Surabaya, they would like to discuss the future collaboration between three universities. Before discussed, we introduced our facilities, programs and they also explained about their campus. In their presentation, they shared internship program with ITS Library. ITS Library sent 2 staffs to build their knowledge in Suranaree Library. As far they only had an unofficial agreement with some universities, then officially yesterday, they have signed MOU with ITS library to improve their capability. In this discussion, our head of the library, Prof Narsa said to them and the AGE, he’s possible to make an agreement with Suranaree. We believed in this agreement all of us can get many benefits.

After discussed, Suranaree entourage went around our library and took some pictures in many spots such as some students sat on the floor like in their country. They are interested that found a unique table in Ruang Baca in 3rd floor. We hope in that meeting which can be realized as soon as possible.

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