ChitChat Holiday

chitchat holiday 2Chit chat is an English Conversation Club program that the participant can join to speak confidently. Regularly we hold it twice a week in American Corner 3rd Floor of UNAIR Library building. We create a different concept when arranging it. It’s not the class, just club and to make people comfortable to learn English. During the holiday, we tried to invite UNAIR students to join with our new concept. Collaborated with Education USA, we decided to handle 3 parts which have different ways such as listened to music, followed literacy information games and explored how to get a low budget that we went to the United States.

Before running, every participant must take one of animal images where we have provided. To start the program, we made a big circle. The instructor who leads the first part was Education USA adviser and he gave some instructions to make a group that based on voices of animals. The participant must find their same groups with moved around, opened their eyes until found their group. If they didn’t find it, they supposed to join another group. Then, we listened music from the different era, 90’s and 2000’s. All participant must find verb and noun, next they made a sentence with five words. They always remembered when said it because, in another part, they guessed their sentence after got the card that has same character.

In the second part, they made a list about US president and explained their historical background. They told a short story about five presidents who found it. In this game, the committee only gave five minutes to explore on Google or another resource, such as book and magazines. For the last game, they made itinerary to go to the US with a low budget. If they had possible reason and realistic and also got a low budget, they could win. We got the winner from this competition. They were Cow team and already mentioned many cities that they would visit it. The Cow Group got many prizes from Education USA and American Corner.

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