AUNILO Annual Meeting 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand

Photo3Since 2011, Library of Universitas Airlangga has joined AUNILO (ASEAN University Network Inter Library Online) Annual Conference that shared librarianship to enrich our knowledge. As a member, we got more benefit during attending a conference. Collaborating with AUN member to exchange staffs and some strategies to make library spectacular. Previously in 2016, it was held by UBD or Universiti Brunei Darussalam in Bandar Seri Begawan. Annual Conference had a special theme or current issues to discuss together and this year 2017, The head of UNAIR Library, Bapak Prof Narsa and his entourage went to Bangkok Thailand to come to AUNILO Annual Conference at Mahidol University Library and Learning Center.

All members attended this conference including ITB who absent last year. In the first day, the host made a good ceremony and invited some speakers to give some materials to improve our capability. In the second day, we discussed workshop, membership, suggestion to arrange library management and shared many experiences. We summarize several ideas that make us confidently to collaborate with the stakeholder. SMU Library mentioned that they had engagement with them and demonstrate the value to emphasize their policy. They worked together to build their mission and regularly gave some reports to them. NTU Library also had many ideas to make remarkable mission. They always supported university service that their want and supported some research to grow up their skills. Joined research with their faculty was the best way to realize it. NUS and NTU Library had same ideas that they consolidate with Alumni, workshop to get more income. For staffs, NTU had many rules that made professional atmosphere such as chosen refreshment skill, 6 years to rotate them and going abroad to open their mind. The last destination of the third day, we went to Grand Palace for a cultural trip. We saw a much historical building and know them from the tour guide. We were really appreciated while knew the Thai heritage always well maintained.

After joining the conference, our group went to Chulalongkorn University Library (CUL) to know about their service and facilities. Before library tour, we met Rabiab Sangchart, is a person who responsible in Reference Department. She explained the organization, services, facilities that completely. She also answered our questions especially repository collection. CUL provided it in 2 languages, Thai and English which opened for public with some requirements. Especially for non-CU Community, they must register and if they can’t access some materials, they can ask the administrator to open it. CUL had a characteristic area to maintain their heritage. We were so appreciated when knowing Thailand information center that gave the service for a public with appointment or ordering system.

Then, we went to Kasetsart University Library, as popular name KU, had two building with a different concept. One of the building is printed materials such as book and magazines and another building is digital materials such as internet and edutainment system. They got achievement from the Thailand Library Association that mention the best library green concept. It means that they used some renewable energy to operate the library. They shared solar system that supports some electricity area, planted with a purpose which watering automatically and used the escalator or lifts only for disability. They were unique because put some information about healthy in every stair. They also collaborated with some faculties or researchers to make a new innovation.

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