Usulan Buku FISIP Th 2017

Usulan Buku FISIP  Yang Sudah Tersedia Di Perpustakaan Universitas Airlangga


1Wayne R, Mondy and Robert M NoeHuman Resource Management 14 edition Pearson2015978-01338488091Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikKK-1 658.3 Moh h
2Belch, George E & Belch, Michael AAdvertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective 10th EditionThe McGraw-Hill Companies2014978-00780289771Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikKK-1 659.1 Bel a
3Shimp, Terence A, Advertising Promotion and Supplemental Aspect of Integrated Marketing Communications Pub; 9 editionSouth-Western College Pub2013978-11115802161Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikKK-1 659.1 Shi a
4Hogg, Michael A., Graham M. VaughanSocial Psychology 7 editionPearson Education Ltd;2013978-02737645951Referensi GBPP Ilmu Politik302 Hog s
5Carbaugh, Robert JInternational Economics. 15th editionSouth-Western College Pub2014978-12858543591Referensi GBPP Ilmu Politik337 Car i
6Corbett, Julian StaffordSome Principles of Maritime StrategyScholar's Choice2015978-12960715471Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikKK-1  359  Cor s
7Jurgan GB ackhaus, Richard E WagnerHandbook of Public FinanceSpringer2013978-14757802841Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikR 336 Han
8Verderber, RudolfThe Challenge of Effective Speaking 16th EditionWadsworth Publishing2014978-12850948471Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikKK-1 808.51 Ver c
9Janet Buttolph JohnsonPolitical Science Research Methods 8th EditionCQ Press2015978-15063078241Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikKK-1 320.072 1 Joh p
10Mr Toby Clark BScDisaster and Emergency Management SystemsCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform2014978-15006195581Referensi GBPP Ilmu Politik( judul diganti dgn topik yg samaKK-1 658.477 Cla d
11Hal G. RaineyUnderstanding and Managing Public OrganizationsJossey-Bass2014978-11185837151Referensi GBPP Ilmu Politik351 Rai u
12John Baylis and Steve SmithThe Globalization of World politics: An introduction to international relations, 6 editionOxford University Press2014978-01996561721Referensi GBPP Ilmu PolitikKK-1 327 Bay g
13Roy J. LewickiNegotiation: Reading, Exercises and CasesMcGraw-Hill Irwin2014978-00778624281Referensi GBPP HIKK-1 658.405 2 Lew n
14Karns, Margaret PInternational Organizations: The Politics and Process of Global Governance. Lynne Rienner Publishers2015978-16263715141Referensi GBPP HIKK-1 341.2 Kar i
15Dunoff, Jeffrey L., Ratner, Steven R and Wippman, David, International Law, Norms, Actors, Process: AProblem-oriented Approach.4 editionWolters Kluwer Law & Business2015978-14548495131Referensi GBPP HIKK-1 341 Dun i
16Carbaugh, Robert JInternational Economics. 15th edition.South-Western College2014 978-12858543591Referensi GBPP HIKK-1 650.072 1 Ess
17Schiffman, Leon G. & Leslie Lazar KanukConsumer Behavior. 11th editionPearson2014978-01325443681Referensi GBPP HITidak dapat dipenuhi karena buku sudah tidak cetak lagi
18Joshua S Goldstein & John C. PavehouseInternational Relations 10th EditionPearson2013978-02059713671Usulan FISIPKK-1 327 Pev i
19Henry KissingerWorld OrderPenguin2015978-01431277101Usulan FISIPKK-1 327 Kis w
20Daron Ace Moglu & James RobinsonWhy Nations Fail: The Origin of Power, Prosperity and PovertyCrown Publishing Group20120377192191Usulan FISIP330 Ace w
21Henry R. NauProspectives on International Relation 5th EditionSAGE201415063322341Usulan FISIPKK-1 327.101 Nou p
22Cynthia WeberInternational Relations Theory: A Critical Introduction 4th editionRouletge201304157130641Usulan FISIPKK-1 327.101 Web i
23Louise FawcettInternational Relations of the Middle East 3rd editionOxford University Press 01999608827x1Usulan FISIPKK-1 327.56 Int
24Sam Harris & Maajid NawazIslam and the Future of Tolerance: A DialogueHarvard2015978-06740887021Usulan FISIPKK-1 297.28 Har i
25Ethan B KatzThe Burdens of Brotherhood: Jews and Mulsim from North Africa to FranceHarvard2015978-06740886891Usulan FISIPKK-1 305.892 404 4 Kat b
26Claire L. Adida, David D. Laitin & Marie-Anne ValfortWhy Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage SocietiesHarvard2016978-06745049291Usulan FISIPKK-1 305.697 094 4 Adi w
27Amy E. EckertOutsourcing War: The Just War Tradition in the Age of Military PrivatizationCornell University Press2016978-08014542021Usulan FISIPKK-1 172.42 Eck o
28Jonathan WrytzenMaking Morocco: Colonial Intervention and the Politics of IdentityCornell University Press2016978-15017002311Usulan FISIPKK-1 964.04 Wyr m
29Judith N. LasserHoping to Help: The Promises and Pitfalls oh Global Health VolunteeringCornell University Press2016978-15017001011Usulan FISIPKK-1 362.1 Las h
30Kelly M. GreenhillWeapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion and Foreign PolicyCornell University Press2010978-08014487131Usulan FISIP325.21 Gre w
31Christian De Perthus & Pierre-Andre JouvetGreen CapitalColumbia University Press2015978-02311714031Usulan FISIPKK-1 333.7 Per g
32Brian T. EdwardsAfter the American CenturyColumbia University Press2015978-02311740081Usulan FISIPKK-1 303.482 560 73 Edw a
33Jennifer L. ErricksonDangerous TradeColumbia University Press2015978-02311709631Usulan FISIPKK-1 382.456 234 Eri d
34Elizabeth A. Wood, William E. Pomeranz, E. Wayne Merry & Maxim TrudolybovRoots of Russia's War in UkraineColumbia University Press2015978-02317045331Usulan FISIPKK-1 947.708 6 Roo
35Michael Lund & Steve McdonaldAcross the Lines of ConflictColumbia University Press2015978-02317045021Usulan FISIPKK-1 303.66 Acr
36Michael H. ArmacostBallots, Bullets and BargainingColumbia University Press2015978-02311699291Usulan FISIPKK-1 324.973 Arm b
37Michael DoyleThe question of intervention: John Stuart Mill and the Responsibility to ProtectYale University Press2015978-03001726381Usulan FISIPKK-1 172.4 Doy q
38Amartya SenCountry of First BoysOxford University Press2015978-01987381831Usulan FISIPKK-1 303.372 Sen c
39Dieter GrimmSovereignity: The Origin and Future of a Political and Legal ConceptColumbia University Press2015978-02311642521Usulan FISIPKK-1 320.15 Gri s
40Emanuele Saccarelli & Latha VaradarajanImperialism Past and PresentOxford University Press2015978-01993978911Usulan FISIPKK-1 325.32 Sac i
41Matthew A Baum & Philip B. K. PotterWar and democratic Constraint: How the Public Influence Foreign PolicyPrinceton University Press2015978-06911652331Usulan FISIPKK-1 327.1 Bau w
42Richard YoungsClimate Change and European SecurityRouletge2015978-11387972841Usulan FISIPKK-1 355.033 04 You c
43Daniel C. LynchChina’s Futures: PRC elites debate economics, politics, and foreign policyStanford University Press2015978-08047941901Usulan FISIPKK-1 951.06 Lyn c
44Andrew SmallThe China-Pakistan Axis: Asia’s New GeopoliticsOxford University Press2015978-01902107551Usulan FISIPKK-1 320.12 Sma c
45Nic CheesemanDemocracy in Africa: Success, Failures, and the Struggle for Political ReformCambridge University Press2015978-05211384201Usulan FISIPKK-1 321.809 6 Che d
46Celeste HicksAfrica’s New Oil: Power, Pipelines, and Future Fortunes. Zed BooksZed Books2015978-17836011271Usulan FISIPKK-1 338.272 820 96 Hic a
47Susan PedersenThe Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of EmpireOxford University Press2015978-01997300321Usulan FISIPKK-1 341.22 Ped g
48 Sidney TarrowWar, State, and Contention: A Comparative Historical StudyCornell University Press2015978-08014796251Usulan FISIPKK-1 355.02 Tar w
49Todd H. HallEmotional Diplomacy: Official Emotion on the International StageCornell University Press2015978-08014530141Usulan FISIPKK-1 327.201 9 Hal e
50Patrick PorterThe Global Village Myth: Distance, war, and the Limits of PowerGeorgetown University Press2015978-16261619241Usulan FISIPKK-1 355.033 573 Por g
51Ho-Fung HongThe China Boom: Why China Will not Rule the world. Columbia University Press2015978-02311641841Usulan FISIPKK-1 330.951 Hun c
52I Watson & C. PandeyEnvironmental Security in the Asia PacificPalgrave Macmillan2015978-11374941081Usulan FISIPKK-1 363.705 610 95 Env
53B. Mazanec & B. ThayerDeterring Cyber Warfare - Bolstering Strategic Stability in CyberspacePalgrave Pivot2014978-11374761731Usulan FISIPKK-1 355.343 Maz d
54B. SchneiderDesigning Industrial Policy in Latin America - Business-State Relations and the New DevelopmentalismPalgrave Pivot2015978-11375248361Usulan FISIPKK-1 338.98 Sch d
55R. UlluwishewaSpirituality and Sustainable DevelopmentPalgrave Macmillan2014978-11373827571Usulan FISIPKK-1 338.927 Ull s
56H. Rothgang & R. SchneiderState Transformations in OECD Countries - Dimensions, Driving Forces, and TrajectoriesPalgrave Macmillan2015978-11370124181Usulan FISIPKK-1 320.917 7 Sta
57Liselotte OdgaardStrategy in NATO - Preparing for an Imperfect WorldPalgrave Macmillan2014113738204X1Usulan FISIPKK-1 355.033 518 21 Str
58Julian SchofieldStrategic Nuclear SharingPalgrave Macmillan2014978-13494523611Usulan FISIPKK-1 355.021 7 Sch s
59I. BadmusThe African Union's Role in Peacekeeping: Building on Lessons Learned from Security Operations (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)Palgrave Macmillan2015978-11374266041Usulan FISIPKK-1 341.584 Bad a
60Darshan VigneswaranTerritory, Migration and the Evolution of the International System (Palgrave Studies in International Relations)Palgrave Macmillan20132303912811Usulan FISIPKK-1 327.1 Vig t
61Barger, C. The Social Media Strategist: Build a successful program from the inside out. USA: McGraw-Hill2012978-00717682521Referensi GBPP KOMUNIKASI302.230 68 Bar s
62Safko, L. The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools and Strategies for Business Success. Wiley: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.2012978-11182697491Referensi GBPP KOMUNIKASI658.872 Saf s
63Stanley, J. Baran dan Dennis K. Davis. Mass Communication Theory: Foundation Ferment and Future. Cengage Learning2014 978-12850520761Referensi GBPP KOMUNIKASIKK-1 302.201 Bar m
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