AUNILO in Can Tho Vietnam

IMG 20180703 163623Previously AUNILO Annual Meeting was in Mahidol University Bangkok, Thailand and currently, the official committee decided Can Tho to conduct a huge meeting in 2018. AUNILO is a part of AUN program to build a good partnership in a library program. In this year, they are choosing current issues to support academic atmosphere in their university. Digital Scholarship is the happening issues because research is our core business and all the funding prepare for it.

UNAIR sent two delegates for attended the AUNILO Meeting, they are Ika Rudianto, a person who responsible of IT Division and Agung B Kristiawan, a person who in charge of PR Division. Started on Monday, the opening ceremony opened by Rector of Can Tho University who had a great speech to give warn spirit for all delegates. To reach Can Tho, all delegates needed a long journey, if they came from Ho Chi Min City, almost 4 hours to reach there and if they took another city as like as Hanoi, 2.5 hours by plane. After Rector said, the committee invited someone who expected in digital scholarship that gave a great impact on the university. Can Tho University also invite the participants to visit their library like a tour and for closing the first-day meeting, they invited the student who sang a traditional song and the host gave a short information about it.

In Day 2, we were discussing all the resolutions that have signed up together. When the discussing ran, each delegate gave the review and also many opinions. Based on our previously resolution and also that discussion, we decided all Philipina delegates will be handling the AUNILO business in the year ahead after USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) that they are handling almost 10 years administration business. To hand over, the committee gave a ceremony and invited a person who represented by their delegates. The end of sessions we took a dinner together on a cruise ship that brought us from point to point almost an hour.

Cultural Trip on Day 3. We visited many destinations that they have wonderful attractions such us floating market, noodles factory, fish pond and agriculture plant. That’s a unique rule when we reached the seller in the floating market. They came to us with their boat and offered the thing that they sold, we could buy directly. In the fish pond, they have various type of fish that can be exported to many countries. We have a challenging story that we through “monkey bridge” to eat the traditional snack and took many rambutans on their farm. While going there, we took a boat for the transportation and for going back to the university, they prepared the car to pick us.

That’s our story to explore Vietnam, you can see our gorgeous journey on a Facebook page,

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