Chit Chat English Camp

37062828 1865696170157946 4738574277362581504 nLearning English in the library? Why not? It’s possible to learn English here because we have a corner where we can learn every day without anxiety. American Corner is a corner that providing any information about the United States and also have many programs to learn English together. Regularly, they conduct Chit Chat and the others but in the semester break, they also make another Chit Chat program with the different concept. They combined games and the other materials to catch the knowledge easily. The program called Chit Chat English Camp. Why did they put “Camp” in the program, because looks like the reality of camp, they learn in one room and get the materials from Monday to Friday 9 – 13 July 2018, started on 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. and if they accomplished the program, the committee gives them a certificate.

To succeed in their program, they invited the US Alumni to handle it until finished. Who are they? They are M Reza Madyan, a UNAIR Student who studying in Political major and also YES Alumni. He conducted Pronunciation and Vocabulary Session with Pambayun Hemas S, a graduate student from SMA 5 Surabaya and previously, she got YES scholarship and already studied there. Pambayun also shared her experiences during studying there on Conversation Session on Friday. And the other speaker is Yuni Sari Amalia, a lecturer of English Literature that she got Fulbright Scholarship on Master and Ph.D. degree. She handled Grammar Session on Wednesday. The last speaker is Merina Anggraeni. She’s an English teacher in a private course and also got YES Scholarship when she was in Junior High School. She arranged the annoying part of English Camp, Reading. So many participants were ready while she taught the tricks to read happily.

Based on the statistics, the participants are interested that they came in three sessions from Monday to Wednesday but in the last session, a few participants who attend. This is the first program that we conduct in the semester break and the participants are enthusiastic to join the program.

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