Perpustakaan Universitas Airlangga Surabaya


Have you visited Hong Kong? Since 1997, Hong Kong is a city belongs to China and we can visit for 30 days free visa. It’s not only travelling or working, we can go there for studying. Based on fact, Indonesia has many students are studying there in bachelor, master and Phd program. They got the financial aid from Hong Kong Government or the university or their parents. If you’re interested to studying, please check the goverment or university website that they provide the updating information. A few days ago, we went to Hong Kong for benchmarking to learn the lay out spaces, interior, exterior design and the philosophy how can they decide many areas that supporting academic system.

On Thursday 11 October 2018, we visited the library of City University of Hong kong by MTR. Oh ya, if you go there, please buy the Optocus card first, to pay many things because they implement cashless in many activities. City University of Hong Kong or we can call City U Library only have two levels but the area is so huge while compares with our library. In their academic system, they didn’t have mini library or reading room area (as like as Ruang Baca Fakultas) in that university. They only have one library that serve many students from different faculties. Located in the central of City U, every one can reach it easyly. As you know, they have services like us but provides comfortable area for collaborating, innovating, interacting and also relaxing. Carina, one of the library staff said, they collabote with internal and external to organize some events regulary. You can visit their showcase when you arrive in the second floor. Nowadays, the innovation never stop to create something new that change their life. To encourage the innovation, the library also collaborate with the major that enhances the knowledge or focus on technology. Such as they have a partnership program with School of Media to introduce the new technology like virtual reality, 360 degress or 3 D pic and printer.

Lisa said, they also help the other student from the other university who needs their collection with collaboration system. They got free service and all the facilities that supported by eight universities. To join this program, the student must have a card for membership that can use it automatically.

On Friday morning, 12 October 2018, we took a MTR from hotel to Hong Kong University, when we reached out there, we met our friends who accepted DIKTI Programs. We took some pics and talked each other. Before we were meeting with the official, Diana Tsui is a staff of HKU Library to guid us to know their library. She explained they have many gates to entrance their library building. When you arrive in the first floor, you can find “think tank” room that provides quiet zone for master and doctoral student. To complete their facilities, they have seminars room that can use it in the same level. We also find the unique thing in the first floor that they optimize area. If the student finded the collection in that rack, the student just push the bottom, then the rack can move automatically.

During travelling around the library, we never meet student who eat because they have breakout zone that offers some beverage or the student can eat there. She told us, they have many experiences to change their habit from bad to good and follow the rules. Currently, the students always obey the law of library. To use many facilities like discussion room or quiet zone area, they must book by online system in disipline to follow their instructions.

That’s the iconic thing of HKU Library building where they can combine old and new in one concept. The Learning Space is their phylosophy to connect with knowledge.

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